Fast, delicious, nutritious food. Guilt free snack at Prep Fitness Kitchen.

At Prep Fitness Kitchen we believe that if you eat well, feel well, you will train well. Eat clean wholesome food and stay active and you are on your way to healthy living.

If you combine target nutrition with training, you will reach your fitness goals faster. We aim to offer a variety of food with options that are dairy free, gluten free and suitable vegans. See our blog for tips to reach your goals.

Or if you are not into fitness, you can still enjoy our healthy great tasting food and drinks. Great for a lunch when out and about or wanting to escape from the office for a quick tasty bite to eat.

We aim to make healthy food fuss free by delivering to the office, creating you a meal plan to be delivered to the gym or create a healthy well balanced meal menu for you to enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner.




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Hi, I’m Berta. I am originally from Lithuania but I now call Scotland my home. I came here several years ago to study and fell in love with Scotland so I decided to stay after graduating.

Over the last few years I have developed a strong interest in nutrition and I aim to encourage everyone and anyone to readdress their eating habits and increase their activity levels to create a healthier, happier lifestyle that is ultimately sustainable.

I absolutely love all food in Prep, this might sound like a clique but it really is nutritious and delicious! I could live on our ‘dairy free mac & cheese’ for the rest of my days- simply the best! And when I feel like lacking a bit of oomph ‘miracle detox’ juice is my ultimate energy boost!


Head Chef

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Tony Pang

Personal Trainer

I am a personal trainer and life coach.  I love helping people achieve great things. my favourite Prep Fitness Kitchen meal is ???? and my favourite shake is ???

The Axoim Squad

Body Builders

Ama Simisola, Marguerita Vonral, Sage MacDonald and Shannon Kerrigan are four bodybuilding competitors that came together to form a posing and support group for female competitors called The Axiom Squad.  Between them they have competed in almost every UK federation and a host of international events.  After collecting several trophies and titles and being approached by many competitors for advice the posing and presentation business was formed.  Axiom began helping girls with their confidence, stage presence and competing goals, the sessions are open to new competitors and seasoned competitors alike and can be accessed via their Facebook page Axiom Posing or Instagram @axiom.posing

” We are extremely pleased to be working alongside Prep Fitness Kitchen to bring a healthier and more social alternative to food ‘prep’.  Every seasoned competitor knows the importance of diet and if you fail to prepare then prepare to fail.  At Axiom we don’t endorse products that we don’t believe have genuine value, we do believe that Prep Fitness Kitchen provides an environment where you can eat out and adhere to your fitness goals.  You can be social and strict, no need to cheat on your diet here, it’s all of the taste without the ‘treat’ but you really wouldn’t know it!”